Strategic Management Quiz

What are different strategic management styles? Does your manager impress you as a strategic leader? How well do you understand strategic leadership traits? Take this short strategic management quiz to find out.

A strategic leader directs the organization’s overall goals and vision. It’s important for leaders to be change-oriented and ready to make transformational changes.

To stay relevant and competitive, business leaders need to switch between different leadership styles. Changing leadership styles is hard, but it’s worth trying when developing and executing smart strategies.

Here are the questions included in the above interactive quiz.

Strategic Management Quiz: All questions

  1. Who is a strategic leader?
    1. Anyone who has direct reports
    2. A leader who explores ways to develop and apply strategic insights
    3. A manager who deals with crises on a daily basis
  1. What is the primary focus of operational leadership?
    1. Resolve unforeseen issues as they arise and focus on daily tasks
    2. Work with the Finance department to secure a loan to expand business operations
    3. Shape corporate culture to support long-term organizational goals
  1. __________ is an autocratic management style in which the leader gives orders and expects full compliance from everyone.
    1. Directive leader
    2. Transformational leader
    3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  1. Collaborative leaders may struggle under which of these circumstances,
    1. The team needs a strict work structure to get things done on time.
    2. There are many experts on the team, and their input is crucial to the success of the project.
    3. Being creative and thinking outside the box is the only way to solve the problem.
  1. Bill Gates is an example of a directive leader. Is that a fair statement?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  1. ________ is a tool that analyzes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
    1. PESTEL Analysis
    2. BCG Matrix
    3. SWOT Analysis
    4. SOAR
  1. Jane always checks each team member’s assignments and gives clear instructions on what needs to be done. She rarely asks for feedback from her team. She let go of two team members who improvised her strategies. What type of leadership style has Jane adopted?
  1. Directive leadership
  2. Transformational leadership
  3. Collaborative leadership
  1. Recently, the global political climate has been in flux, and no one knows how it will affect your organization. Next week, you have a strategy meeting. In preparing for this meeting, which of the following strategic thinking tools will be most helpful to you?
  1. PESTEL analysis
  2. GAP Analysis
  3. Porter’s Five Forces
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Disela Dassanayake
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